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May 2023 Market Update

Phoenix Metro Losing 246 Listings per WeekPrices Recovering: Median Up to $425kFor Buyers:The sharp decline in supply for Greater Phoenix is a good reason for buyers to have a sense of urgency about

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Stress-Free Home Cleaning: 27 Practical Tips

Keeping a clean and orderly home is a challenge for many of us. Between busy work schedules, social obligations, and family commitments, it’s tough to keep up with daily chores—let alone

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April 2023 Market Update

Supply Down 36% Since October2 More Cities In Seller's MarketFor Buyers:It’s been an eventful 4 weeks, again. Conventional rates dropped from their high of 7.1% on March 2nd to 6.1% by April

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My Home Didn't Sell! Now What?

When it comes to listing their home, most home sellers want three things: 1) to make a lot of money, 2) to put in minimal time and effort, and 3) to sell quickly. But the reality is, selling a home

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