If you’re a snowbird heading home from a warm spot, Kiplinger https://bit.ly/3laQ6uu   has some advice about preparing your seasonal property for the months it will be empty. 

Here are four basics: 

  1. Have a caretaker.  Find someone to pop in to check on your house or condo every couple of weeks. 
  2. Keep your property is safe. Install an alarm system monitored by actual humans so someone can call the fire department when there’s an emergency. 
  3. Track water. Use free apps like Dropcountr to keep an eye on your property’s water usage while you’re away. A spike in water consumption is a sure sign of a burst pipe. 
  4. Foil burglars. Make your house a tough target for burglars. Don’t leave a car parked outside in the same spot for months, have your mail forwarded, and install motion detector lights.