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January 2023 Market Update

Don't Look Now--Buyer's Market GoneMedian Price Down Since MayFor Buyers:Last year, traditional buyers took a back seat to an influx of cash investors and speculators who outbid them. Then mortgage

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7 Tips to Maximize Your Home's Sale Price

Over the past few years, a real estate buying frenzy bid up home prices to eye-popping amounts. However, as mortgage rates have risen, buyer demand has cooled. 1 Consequently, home sellers who enter

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2023 Real Estate Market Outlook

Last year, one factor drove the real estate market more than any other: rising mortgage rates. In March 2022, the Federal Reserve began a series of interest rate hikes in an effort to pump the

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December 2022 Market Update

First Buyer's Market Since 2010Mortgage Rates Key to AffordabilityFor Buyers:Buyer demand has been more reactive to mortgage rates than normal, but that’s to be expected at the rate of

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